“Sensitive” to Pollution #3

"Sensitive" to Pollution 3

Is there anyone who isn’t “sensitive” to pollution?

One response to ““Sensitive” to Pollution #3

  1. We have learned a lot about cause and effect since becoming disabled by MCS/ES. There’s a steep learning curve. Some people, like Rachel Carson, were ahead of many others in seeing what was coming if things did not change.

    Devra Davis wrote a great book called “When Smoke Ran Like Water”, that explained how public health policies developed over time, but we no longer have that time. In the last decades, human destruction of this planet we call home has become too extreme.

    Petro-chemical, oil and gas pollution is in us all and it’s causing epigenetic changes and brutally disabling health problems in far too many people. Not to mention the other earthlings, whose cries most have been ignoring.

    We could all co-exist if greed was no longer worshipped, and compassion became the ideal people strived for instead.

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