Have Your Say For May

What if you had the chance to say one thing about your life with MCS/ES, and how it would change your life if it was understood?

May is MCS/ES Awareness Month (yet again… maybe some year we won’t need it to be, but this year, we still do), and this year, I would like to share some of your stories and insights.

this one thing

If you could tell the world ONE thing about your life with MCS/ES (or any other invisible disability that has MCS/ES as a symptom), what would it be?

How has this one thing affected your life?

If this one thing were changed, how would your life be different?

You could think of it as a conversation with someone you love, someone who loves you (or even a kind stranger), someone who wants to understand, and who is willing to do something for you, and/or to change the way they do things, in order to include you in life, and to help you with what you need or want to accomplish in life (for example).

This is your time to tell them this one thing, and how this change will impact your life for the better.

Here’s what I am asking for with your submissions:

Your “story” can be short, just a few sentences, as long as these points are covered, or it can be long, with as much context as you feel is necessary.

After writing about this one thing, (be it a habit, an attitude, an air quality issue, a systemic barrier, a lack of access, anything at all related to your disability) how it has affected you, and how your life would be changed if this one thing was recognized and accommodated, addressed, or __?__, then please add the following information:

Name: Choose the name you would like your “one thing”  posted with. You can use  your full name, your first name and last initial, just initials, or even a nick-name.

(I will probably title the posts to include the name you choose to be identified by)

Location:  You can state your city, state/province, and country, or your state/province and country, or just your country. It may turn out that someone who lives near you  and is in a position to help, sees your post, and if they are able to see that they are near you, then they may leave a comment under the post with an offer, we never know!

Image: Choose a photo to represent yourself with, either of yourself, a favorite online image (provide the link) or if you are not up to it, just let me know something like a “black and white kitty cat” or “a red Trans Am”, and I will search for an image to use when I post your submission in May. (If you wish to submit a photo of yourself, and there’s no online link to it, we’ll “talk” as to how to get it to me).

Submissions: All comments posted here are moderated (I have to approve them before they are released to the public), and  I won’t release your submissions, they will remain private with me until May, at which time I will share them as Guest Posts on the blog.

You may wish to check the box “Notify me of new comments via email” before posting your comment, so that if I have any questions or announcements, I can post it into a comment and you will all receive emails with it (as well as any other comments people post).

*** I recommend taking your time to think about this for a while, and then writing it all out in a document elsewhere, before copying it into a comment to post here when you are satisfied that you got it all down the way you want it to be.

Comments: For this post, I will only release comments or questions (below) here that aren’t submissions. It should be easy enough for me to tell the difference if you include the above info.

♥ ♥ ♥

I think there are times that people DO want to include us and to help us, but they don’t know how or don’t understand how little things can be big barriers for us. We often don’t even understand each other, since our “sensitivities” and allergies can manifest in so many different ways, and unless we have experience with them, they don’t exist. This, then, is an opportunity to communicate, to open the conversation, heart to heart to heart, personally, and with people all over the world.

We are all in this together.

♥ ♥ ♥

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