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Are Fragrances Drugs By Design?

From the FDA

drugs FDA

Drug by definition:

drug 1

What about fragrances when they target our brains and brain functions, including moods and perceptions?

From the fragrance industry:

Aromachology and the brain

To use fragrance technology to transmit feelings directly to the brain


That sounds a lot like drugs to me!

From the FDA… Is it a drug?

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What is Generally Recognized As Safe, and For Whom?

It’s really beyond past the time to bust the myth that what gets sold to us has been scientifically determined to be safe for us.

Take food additives this time. Unless you are growing your own organic food, or have a lab in your back pocket, there’s no real way of knowing what the heck we are being sold and consuming.

The food safety protection system is marred by minimal supervision by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, rife with apparent conflicts of interest in safety evaluations, and rendered all but toothless by a gaping loophole that allows companies to simply declare as safe hundreds of chemicals added to our foods—without any notification to the FDA or the public, according to an NRDC report”

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