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Sandra Steingraber: Prepared Sentencing Statement 2013

Sandra Steingraber was arrested while demonstrating against fracking. Sandra is one of my heroines.

“In my field of environmental health, the word trespass has meaning. Toxic trespass refers to involuntary human exposure to a chemical or other pollutant. It is a contamination without consent. It is my belief, as a biologist, that Inergy is guilty of toxic trespass.” …

“In closing, my actions were taken to protest the trespass of Inergy into our air, water, bodies, safety, and security. My small, peaceful act of trespass was intended to prevent a much larger, and possibly violent one.”

Sandra Steingraber: Prepared Sentencing Statement for the Reading Town Court, April 17, 2013.

She has written a lot about the dangers of fracking, as well as other environmental health issues that affect us all. Well worth checking out what she has to say.

I have heard Sandra speak once, after I read her book “Living Downstream” but before “Raising Elijah” was published. In fact, it was very shortly after he was born that she was there. Sandra was in Toronto again just before I left, and a friend (because I was too sick to go) brought me this wonderful gift from her :

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Suffering, Kindness and Compassion

I’ve been seeing and feeling a lot of suffering recently. Why is there so much suffering in the world? Greed, intolerance, self-importance, judgements based on ignorance, and carelessness are a few things that come to my mind. These create poverty and all kinds of other forms of destruction, destruction of self and other.

The effects are far reaching and yet with just a little effort, so much suffering can be prevented and alleviated.

How do we prevent unnecessary suffering? How do we relieve suffering?


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Event: MCS/EI/EHS, Housing & Human Rights: Press Conference

Derek Shanks is a 38 year old Toronto based black & white street and documentary photographer.

He recently photographed Olga, a woman who has commented here on my blog at times. The photos and some of her story can be seen on his blog:

All That I Am, All That I Have

Olga also let me know about an event she is organizing for the morning of Tuesday April 16th, 11am, if any of you are in Toronto and can attend to lend support.

Event details are on facebook:

MCS/EI/EHS, Housing & Human Rights: Press Conference

You might be “SENSITIVE” to pollution!

Do you breathe?

sensitive to pollution 4

Are YOU “sensitive” to pollution?

to pollution?

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Ask Major Retailers to Eliminate the Toxic 100+

Mind the Store

New Mind the Store initiative calls on the largest U.S. retailers to restrict the most Hazardous 100+ chemicals.

“It’s not feasible to ask the average person to keep 100+ chemicals in their head when they go to the store”

In fact, it’s usually impossible for us to find out if and where these chemicals are lurking, and they are lurking almost everywhere! Store buyers can, however, ask their suppliers to provide supply chain information on chemicals used, and can ask for safe, non-toxic products and materials for their customers.

“Our coalition came together around a shared critique of our government’s failure to protect the public from toxic chemicals and a shared platform for how to fix our policies. But most importantly we came together with a shared moral urgency to reduce the suffering caused by chronic diseases like cancer, disabilities and autism that are linked to chemical exposure.”

What is the Hazardous 100+ list?

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Endocrine disruptors – in fabric?

O Ecotextiles is a great blog to follow if you are interested in what’s happening in the textile world. Lots of excellent information about why those of us with MCS/ES and Fibromyalgia can have so much difficulty finding safe (non-toxic) clothing to wear, as well as safe beds and furniture to rest our weary bodies on.

Here’s their latest, a subject that is worth understanding, as endocrine disruptors are found in so many of our everyday products and materials, and our endocrine systems are responsible for regulating so much of our lives, processes that we seem to have taken for granted for far too long…

Endocrine disruptors – in fabric?.

A big thank you to Patty and Leigh Anne who founded O Ecotextiles in 2004 and keep us so well informed.

Access to Safe and Appropriate Dental Care for People With MCS/ES: Part 3

Part 3: Things I Need to Do to Survive a Trip to the Dentist     

(I have severe MCS, the measures I need to take are not necessary for everyone)

In addition to making sure I am fully prepared for what I need in order to survive the days following a trip to the dentist (supplies, food, frozen foods, etc), I have to prepare for the actual visit. Depending on my state of brain fog and or brain injury symptoms, this can be very time consuming and challenging.

If possible, I discuss these measures in advance with staff when I make the appointment, to make sure they are prepared to accommodate my disability related needs, and can be comfortable explaining them to other patients who might have concerns when seeing me.

At the cabin, getting ready to go to the dentist
At the cabin, getting ready to go to the dentist
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Access to Safe and Appropriate Dental Care for People With MCS/ES: Part 2

Access to Safe and Appropriate Dental Care for People With MCS/ES:

Part 2: Resources and Links

dental tools

What we really need are mobile dental vans that have no-VOC interiors and staff for people with severe MCS/ES, and safe and accessible dental offices and practitioners for everyone else. Until then, we need ways to protect ourselves and must often educate the dentists and staff as to how they can take care of our needs.

From mild to severe MCS/ES, different measures may be required.

Here are useful links that can help you prepare, and a sample office policy:

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Access to Safe and Appropriate Dental Care for People With MCS/ES: Part 1

Part 1: The Problems

This is a subject I’ve been meaning to write about for quite some time, as I have my own serious dental issues much like like Doris, whose story follows.

We are dependent on ODSP and their dental program which does not cover our disability related medical needs of materials compatibility testing, safer materials or oxygen, all of which can be absolutely necessary to avoid serious health consequences from chemical exposures in dental offices and from incompatible materials.

Also, as Doris mentions below, most dentists have no experience with our specific needs.

I am aware of other people currently experiencing similar predicaments, in Ontario and elsewhere. I might be posting a few more stories as a part of this series.

We are looking for suggestions on how we can receive appropriate, safe and affordable dental care, which as we know is necessary for more than just dental health.

I will also be posting some steps and solutions available to those with adequate financial means to pay for them, but will start with the problems, and the request for assistance in finding solutions for those of us without adequate financial (and social) resources.

dental tools

What follows is Doris’s story, in her words…

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